Monday, July 19, 2010

Bird strikes

Here is a website to view a good animation of the mishap.
Birdstrikes can happen anywhere at any time. Flight 1549 proved this truth. If you do not recognize that flight number, it has become known as the "Miracle on the Hudson". Captain Sullenberger performed a flawless water landing when his engines were catastrophically diabled after flying through a flock of geese. It was a normal day and a normal flight. It was just pure luck Captain Sullenberger had the river to land in. Ingestion of the birds into the engines made them completely inoperable. The hazards birds present are very real. Airport managers are utilizing numerous abatement techniques at their disposal to try and reduce the possibility of bird strikes. These techniques include such things as bioacoustics, pyrotechnics, propane cannons, vegetation management around the airfield and lethal means.

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